Is it really that important to be in a relationship? The peer pressure that every single dude or dudette has to endure from all their “happily” committed friends to get into one surely suggests so. But the dating game isn’t for everyone. And a lot of happy singles out there can relate. 

People think that single people necessarily have to be lonely or sad. But look at it from another perspective. You and I are actually way better off than people in relationships. Here’s why it’s great to be single and proud;

1. You never have to stay up all night waiting for a blue tick on your mushy Whatsapp message.

2. Your wallet is a lot fatter than your friends who are dating. Aww Yiss!

3. Your mobile bills are always low. Your pocket thanks you. 

4. You don’t have to hang out with your SO’s weirdo friends…

5. And on that note, you don’t have to say or use ridiculous words like “SO” and “Bae.”

6. You get to spend quality time with your real buds, without the pressure of someone guilt tripping you for doing it. 

7. You never have to do any deliberate pondering on what kind of movie you want to watch in the theatre or at home. It’s your choice. Always!

8. You don’t have to make excuses for doing normal things. When you’re dating someone, everything has to have a reason. 

9. Because us singles can always play the field. “There are plenty more fish in the sea” was a quote made for us, not committed people.

10. Being single gives us the time to focus on slightly more important things. Like you know, kicking butt and taking names at work, travelling around the world and being awesome all around? Yeah. 

Here’s to all the single people! Oh, and another perk of being single is that we never have to share the stuff we really do not want to share with our non-existent “SOs.” Like a pack of Lay’s. Because we #LoveToLoveIt. If you’re single then you’ll be singing this peppy song before you know it. Bring some smiles by making your own version here.

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