Do you need a box of tissues and/or a bottle of Old Monk to check your bank balance? Do you use the “mom’s calling” excuse way too often to sneak out of parties (especially when your friends have called for the bill)? Do you have end-of-the-month woes right after you get your paycheck? If your answer to these questions are “Yes”, “Yes” and “Hell yeah” then, my friend, it looks like we’re in the same boat. A boat that has a hell lot of holes in it! Here are 25 of them that will, most definitely, take me down (and maybe you too):

1. Because… I. Have. A. Credit. Card.

2. And, I have no freakin’ clue as to when was the last time I cleared its minimum amount.

3. Because every now and then there’s a new phone in the market that I just have to buy. Or else, my materialistic life would be so incomplete!

4. Because every month, I have at least three freakin’ parties to attend…

5. …And some of them, courtesy my filthy rich friends, are in shit-expensive clubs.

6. Because the auto-guys pass off a cheesy smirk at me when I ask for change…

7. …And THIS is all I can do about it.

8. Because whenever I go to buy a household item, I buy everything else but that Goddamn household item.

9. Because my inbox is almost always flooded with promotional emails, most of which begin with the words, “Upto 50% off!”

10. And despite trying my level best, I CANNOT unsee them.

11. Although just in case I happen to, the brands then bombard me with promotional messages on my phone.

12. Because I always forget which friend of mine owes how much money to me.

13. And, my beloved friends also forget it for obvious reasons.

14. Because in the last couple of months, I’ve become a little too addicted with the idea of travelling by cabs.

15. Because almost all my friends and are getting married…

16. …And whether I like it or not, I have to attend their wedding.

17. That too wearing a nice formal tuxedo for which I might just have to sell my kidney.

18. Because I always say to myself, “I should start saving!” on the 31st of every month.

19. But then I forget about it as soon as I receive my paycheck!

20. Because I know zilch about investments. ZILCH.

21. Because I am not into drugs but I’m into photography.

22. Because I have a huge compulsion to make my life look interesting on Facebook.

23. Which is why I travel every now and then.

24. And go around to really nice cafes and restaurants for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and what not!

25. Last but not the least, because I’m sure that I’ll definitely go broke trying to appear rich.

I know it’s hard, but I guess we’ll have to accept our fate of being eternally broke. Unless of course, we start saving right now with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) like the one from UTI Mutual Fund. Because let’s face it, with so many things working against us, #ItnaTohBantaHai.