Have you ever met people who sent weird vibes to you during their interaction? Say, for example, shaking hands for a long time or standing close to you while making you uncomfortable. Yep, that creepy feeling. While some people do these things deliberately, others just don’t realise that they are being creepy AF.

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We have found a Reddit thread discussing creepy traits that people have found while meeting others. And it is super relatable.

A Reddit user, u/[deleted], posted a question on Ask Reddit, saying, “What trait in a person you find creepy?”

Other Redditors are dropping their versions in the comment section.

Let’s check them out.

1. Someone who appears very nice but becomes nasty when they don’t get their wayAccomplishedTotal895

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2. I’ve got a coworker who brags about having anger issues. He starts smirking, as if that’s so impressive and intimidating. I think it makes him sound like a creepy douchebagXBeCoolManX

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3. People who ask you a question and then just stare at you without any follow up after you answer them. I swear every time I’ve talked to the big boss/CEO of a workplace they will ask me a really simple question like “how are you today?” And when I say “I’m good, how are you?” I just get this confused stare in return. Just fu**ing say something or nod or ANYTHING lol.Zschaus1

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4. People who stand too close to you when they’re talking. Fair enough if it’s a loud setting but if it’s just the two of you and the other person is standing right up close it’s super creepy imo.-Haelifae

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5. Touching while talking to you when they don’t know you.ICantEven1235

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6. Firm handshakes but they don’t let go. Makes me so uncomfortable and I absolutely do not trust anyone that does this.HobbitSlayer666

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7. Trying to get a load of personal information from you in a first meeting…like phone number, Facebook, Instagram or whatever else you have!BeerisAwesome01

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8. Taking pictures of strangers without permission and people who just don’t respect boundaries in general.justonemoresip

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9. Adults who use baby talk to other adults.Shoddy_Cupcake6797

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10. They say “I love you” when they just fucking met you.Careful-Knowledge-21

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11. Unsolicited flirtatious comments towards waitresses, retail employees, etc.SergNDestroy15

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12. Someone who tickles a child until they cry and thinks it’s fine because they’re a relative. And the other relatives who stand by and think it’s just fine. It’s not.mahimahi

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Have you ever met such people in your lives? I know I have.