If you wake up in the middle of the night for a snack, you probably believe in ghosts. Everything looks scary then. But, too many people have actually witnessed eerie, unexplainable things happening at their homes, and that’s just creepy. And these are usually scarier than horror movies because at least those are fictitious.

Redditors share creepy home stories
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Ghosts or not, these creepy incidents witnessed by Redditors at their home, will leave you with chills.

1. “My husband is a sleepwalker/talker and he has a recurring dream that there is a portal to another dimension in the corner of our bedroom. He will wake me up saying, “look it’s right there!” all the while being asleep. While I believe that there is no portal, it’s still creepy.”


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2. “Being woken up by my daughter whispering “mom” and then hearing her footsteps softly on the carpet as she walked away from my bed. She was not at home at the time, she was at her dad’s.”


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3. “One night, when I was asleep, I sensed that someone was watching me sleep. I looked around, but no one was there. After I went back to sleep, I heard some footsteps that went ‘pitter-patter’ and an apologetic voice saying “I’m sorry.” Still, no one was there.”


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4. “A horny possum making mating noises right outside my bedroom window just after dark when I was alone. I hadn’t heard it before, and there was something just absolutely primal about it that bypassed the rational parts of my brain. Very creepy and disconcerting.”


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5. “Both my mom and I saw our deceased cat sitting on a shelf next to a window for a second or split second.”


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6. “Last night random things started falling over (like my backpack) and I kept hearing strange noises every time I closed my eyes.”


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7. “Used to hear a little girl’s voice and footsteps in my hallway and whenever my fiance would leave a frosting knife on the counter it would be across the room. One night one actually got hit with force and skittered across the tile covered in frosting still.”


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8. “There’s some sort of dark hallway between my old bedroom and the master bedroom in my parents’ house and I heard this creepy voice saying “Hello (my name).” I still can’t explain how it happened since I was fully awake at the moment.”


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9. “Some older woman probably on drugs tried to force her way into my house while everyone had COVID. She tried the front door, jiggling the knob and we told her to go. She said she doesn’t care she wants it and ran off. But she just ran to my back door trying to open it too.”


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10. “Once, while home alone, I heard a buzzing sound from my bathroom. My electric toothbrush turned itself on. It was still standing upright not touching anything, it would make sense if it fell and turned itself on, but it didn’t.”


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11. “At my in-laws’, I took my son to the master bedroom for a diaper change. My 8 month old son at the time was barely getting the hang of saying “dada.” He looked past me and was giggling at something over my shoulder. I said, “What’s there honey?” And he said clearly “Uncle David.” My SO has a deceased Uncle David my son has never met.”


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12. “Kid woke up in the middle of the night for a piss. He was still asleep basically, and was sat on the loo with his eyes closed. He suddenly looked up at me and whispered “I’m going to eat your soul” then laughed and closed his eyes again. He’ll say shit like this during the day, because he’s weird, but it was a million times creepier at night out of the blue.”


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13. “Laying in bed with my arm hanging over the side. About to drop off to sleep and something grabs my arm from under the bed and yanks it under. TERRIFYING. I was about 6.”


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14. “My daughter walked past me, out the front door and when I asked her where she was going so late at night she answered me from BEHIND. She insisted she was in her room the whole time and had not tried to leave the house. Whatever it was, wore the same outfit and hairstyle as my daughter and walked just like her. It was unnerving for both of us.”


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15. “My 2-year-old looking at our little bookshelf talking and responding to someone/something when she refused to sleep, and ignored me completely. Then the entity told her something she nodded, lay down and closed her eyes. I said thank you, then fell asleep myself. Later that night this eerie feeling woke me up, like I had to fight for my life. I immediately screamed that they weren’t welcome and had to leave, even opening up the window for them to fly through. I then collapsed in exhaustion.”


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Great, I’ll probably sleep with my lights switched on.

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