Sex can never be boring when you have a list of kinks ready to do. Be it your weird fetish or desires- you should keep exploring with your partner. 

So if you are up for adding some fun to your sex life, keep reading. Redditors are sharing some of the best places they had sex and some of them are worth trying.

1. “The roof of a building. I was leaning over the edge, getting slammed from behind, and no one below ever even looked up. It was a rush, made even better by my fear of falling off of anything over two inches high.”


2. “On top of my car in my former garage. I still had the garage door opener, but someone else had bought the house.”


3. “Nude beach. Totally empty. Cliff lined. Middle of summer. Full moon. Slight breeze. Light wispy clouds. Blanket. Bit of weed. Sexy girl.”


4. “In a decrepit horror movie style abandoned house. There was even a bed there. Creepy beyond fuck but totally hot, and no one for miles, so we could make as much noise as we wanted.”


5. “On my college campus, in a music practice room. Bent her over a piano and came on some poor guy’s music sheet that was left in there.”


6. “Beach at night, under the stars, with just two sounds: the ocean and her moans. It made every sense happy.”


7. “Victoria’s Secret dressing room. It was during the Christmas season. Tons of people are shopping. GF at the time (now wife) invited me in to see the outfit then proceeded to touch my wiener until I gave in. We bought the outfit of course, but I felt bad for the girl that had to touch it to ring it up. It wreaked of sex, and we were both still sweaty.”


8. “In the middle of a park after dark. She was kneeling on a bench, and I took her from behind. We were in a dark spot away from any lights, but it was a wide-open park with ball diamonds nearby, so not much to hide us if someone came by.”


9. “Must be on top of a hotel facing the Tower Bridge in London. Having sex while enjoying the best possible view is something different!”

10. “At work. I had a crappy office job with a crappy boss. But the girls were hot, and for nearly a year, I had sex nearly every day at work. It’s amazing how differently a workplace feels when you look at every location as a possible hook up spot: Board room with privacy glass, the gym, the ladies room, empty offices, the bosses desk (once!), and many, many times in the office next door that was being renovated. It ALMOST made up for all the stress that the boss created. I still get a kick out of knowing that the boss is using a chair with my splooge on it.”


11. “A sex club with a bunch of voyeurs and other observers. (I’m female, FWIW, and was 39 at the time.) It was exhilarating.”


12. “In a movie theater. We were in the back corner so people wouldn’t hear/see us. Also, it wasn’t during a kid’s movie. I’m not that sick.”


13. “First floor of my university library. Got caught by a female security guard, tried to make it a threesome, apparently real life doesn’t work like porn.”


14. “On a runway. Not just at an airport but on the runway. Like on the numbers where the planes land. If was a private airport, no big ass planes.”


15. “In an elevator of a hotel (yeah, I was totally singing Aerosmith in my head for days after), and on the track of Cheltenham racecourse (UK horse racing place).”


16. “In the costume department at University. She wore a french made outfit, and we banged on one of those big exercise balls with people walking by the window a few feet away.”


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