There are some creepy events in our lives that send chills down our spines. Isn’t it? Out of them, a few experiences remain unsolved mysteries till date. Someone, who wakes up at night to pee and notices a strange shadow on the wall, will surely relate to this. You might have discussed these events with your loved ones, however, they must have referred such cases to hallucinations.

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Someone on Reddit quizzed people to share if they have ever faced any creepiest or unexplained events.

“What is the creepiest or most unexplained event that you have ever experienced?” the Reddit user (u/H5N1BirdFlu) wrote on the platform.

Redditors recalled their experiences in the comment section and we present 12 of them here:

1. When someone believed a car driver was having a drug deal with another person outside the house

“One car from one direction, and another car from the other direction stopped in front of my house. Both drivers got out and one gave the other a briefcase. Now that I am older I am guessing it was some kind of drug deal or something but at the time I found it very weird (sic).” –u/yapastaocho

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2. When someone experienced being yanked by a ponytail in the bathroom

“I was in Jr High and had really long hair. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and almost tripped on a shoe on the floor. I bent down to move it and it felt like someone grabbed my entire pony tail and yanked it. I also could not sleep facing the wall for the longest time because it always felt like someone or something was right there behind me (sic).” –u/cheeseburgerphone182

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3. When someone witnessed white patches of lights popping in the sky

“I have no longform explanation to this, but I was sitting in a friend’s room one night and we were looking at the sky through the window when all of a sudden a bunch of lights popped up in the sky and started zooming back and forth. like, really faint but really big patches of just white on the night sky (sic).” -u/aspentree880

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4. When someone headed towards a tall stone wall while driving a car and later found out that it didn’t exist

“Driving, late at night and tired…suddenly heading straight for a tall stone wall, (can still see it) hit the brakes and simultaneously lay across the towards the passenger seat to avoid injury. Car stopped in the middle of a road, no other traffic, no walls nearby (sic).” –u/Irish-spirit

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5. When a kid woke up to a man burning in a fire, who didn’t leave till the child felt asleep

“When I was a kid, maybe 6 or 7, I used to sleep with my bedroom door open. My mom was asleep in my bed for some reason and I woke up to a man on fire in my hallway. I remember looking at my mom and looking at the man and he didn’t go away. I got scared and closed my eyes and eventually fell asleep and never saw the man again (sic).” -u/danni_b

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6. When someone felt that a door disappeared from its location and found it at the exact spot afterwards

“Hanging out with friend, sleeping bags, night. I wake up and need to piss. I go to the door is, except the door isn’t there anymore. I am frantically searching the wall left to right for any sign of it. Nope. I sit down and breathe heavily in fear which my light sleeper buddy hears. He comes up to me asking what’s up, and I explain as I stare at the door, which has reappeared in the exact spot I checked over and over again (sic).” –u/BundysPlaybook

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7. When a kid felt that a snake toy was peeking from the drawer

“I was about 5 when this happened, but I remembered it like it was yesterday. Idk what was wrong with me, but when I was about to sleep, suddenly I see my lower drawer open and my plushie snake toy was peeking its head out of the drawer, it was looking around for a bit and then froze when we made eye contact. When I got out of bed and approached it, I just picked it up, closed my drawer and went back to sleep with it in my hand. Idk if I was dreaming or hallucinating, but the next day I remember I had the plushie in my arms in the morning, but I just went on like it was normal. Looking back now, I was such an innocent and careless kid lol (sic).” -u/Imjeffery

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8. When someone saw a cow skull on a tree while patrolling a property at night but couldn’t locate it the next day

“Patrolling a property at 1 am, me and a friend came across the spookiest fucking tree you’ve ever seen, and at the base, was a cow skull with a copperhead inside it. We were a bit spooked and went back to camp, and in the morning were entirely unable to locate this tree (sic).” –u/AudiieVerbum

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9. When someone woke up at 3:30 am and later found out that a friend’s brother died in an accident around the same time

“I sleep through the night almost always without really waking up ever. One night I opened my eyes, sat up, and looked at the clock. It was 3:30am on the dot. I fell back asleep and woke up to my best friend calling around 7am telling me she needed me to come over- her younger brother was in a car accident earlier and didn’t make it. The police reported the accident happening at or a few minutes after.. you guessed it…3:30am (sic).” –u/Delicious-Plantain-3

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10. When a family noticed a car being parked on the road at night and later someone spotted a body at the exact location

“When I was a kid, we lived in a kinda rural area. One night we came home late from an uncles house and there was a car parked up the road from our house with the headlights on. My mom suggested to my dad that we go see if they need help, he said no, so we went inside. Next morning police knocked on the door, a cyclist had spotted a body in the ditch exactly where the car was parked the night before (sic).” –u/Tpeest

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11. When a child followed a dark shadow at 3 am while believing it to be an Easter Bunny, and couldn’t find it later

“As a child we would go to my grandparents house for Easter. There would be Easter baskets and some presents when we woke up. One time I woke up early like 3am excited and went down to check out the baskets. I saw a dark shadow in the living room. I followed it thinking Easter Bunny and possibly saying it. It silently moved from the living room into the entrance way then just disappeared. I told my family about it the next day and they said I had quite the imagination (sic).” -u/Fatboyneverchange

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12. When someone lost a document and later received it from an anonymous sender in the mail with the exact same information

“I have had a strange thing happen recently. I was waiting for my tax documents to come in so I could do my taxes. I had three documents that I put on my bedside table until I had the time. I decided to do it the other day and I couldn’t find one of them. I tore the house apart, quizzed my husband (who swore he never touched it), checked the garbage, etc. I had resigned myself to the fact I would have to request another one, when it arrived in the mail. It was the same one, exact same information. I was really confused but grateful. I checked into it, it was not sent twice as far as the office could tell me. I don’t know what to think. I KNOW I had that document because I had done some calculations with it. It’s been itching at me like crazy (sic).” -u/monitormonkey

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Have you encountered such creepy or unexplained moments?