There are friends and then there is your best friend. With a best friend, you can be who you really are behind the door of your room and they don't even judge you. But not all best friends are bros or share a sis code, sometimes it is a bond shared between a guy and girl. Now you have found a girl who doesn't make you watch The Notebook 10 times a month and helps you keep your charmisa on point almost all the time. It's like you both blend in perfectly. However, does she does all this out of the friendship terms or she is into you? Not sure but want to know? Look out for these strong signs that she subconsciously passes when she sees you more than just a friend. 

1. A girl who likes you will never praise you in front of another girl. Why? Because she doesn't want the girl to like you and hence reduce her chance.

2. If your female best friend never, like never, approves any of your crushes, there is a strong chance she silently likes you. 

3. A girl who is in love with you will not think about any other guy. So if all her dates and potential matches end up on the statement 'it didn't work out', she deep down wants it to 'work out' only with you.

4. Another sign of genuine liking a girl can show is her willingness to try everything you like to do, even if she sucks at it. 

Source: Illustration Credits: Shanu Ketholia

5. And yes, if your girl best friend takes you along almost everywhere, there is a high chance she sees you as more than just a friend. 

6. Girls observe everything that their crush likes. So if she is that someone who knows what to gift you on your birthday or remember things about you more than you do about yourself, she likes you. 

7. Lastly, you can assume it's a green signal to love if your female bestie is always keen to know what kind of girls you like. Not to find you some date but for general knowledge, you know. 

Because if she likes you, she will show it. Just watch with more care. 

Illustration Credits: Shanu Ketholia