Thanks to the technological advancements we’re witnessing, kids these days are surrounded by iPads and mobile phones. And the biggest casualty of this advancement has been stationery items. Something, that we 90s kids used to cherish. 

Just like these ones right here. Take a look.

1. This multi-purpose pencil box

You press a button and something showed up. This was the coolest thing ever back then. 


 2. Rocket pencil 

It’s a pencil. And it’s fashionable. What more do you want? 


3. Ink eraser

Remember this ink eraser that used to erase the sheet itself?

Spiral garden

4. Scented erasers

They didn’t erase so well, but we bought these because they smelled so nice.


5. Fancy sharpeners

Helping us sharpen our pencils in style since forever.

Geo max

6. Pencil tops

Because even our pencils had a kick-ass fashion sense.

7. Pop-a-point pencils

They used to always go back inside if we applied too much pressure but the annoyance was totally worth it.


8. Mechanical pencils.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a pen? Nope, it’s a pencil. And a rather cool one. Remember how the clicker became a sharpener for the tip?


9. Wing Sung fountain pens

It was a rite of passage to use these pens while making a transition from pencils to pens. And we all knew that one kid who used to rub the ink on their hair. 


10. Correction fluid pen

To err is human, to correct is a correction fluid pen. Remember the sound they used to make when we had to shake them to use them?


11. Pen-pencil

Yes, the nibs would break every second but totally worth having a pencil that looked like a pen.

Cult pens

12. Glitter pens

No slam book entry was complete without using a few glitter pens.


13. Eraser top pencils

Why buy an eraser when you can have one on your pencil itself? 


14. Geometry boxes

You know what was cooler than fancy pencil boxes? Geometry boxes with compass and protractor inside. And set squares which we never used. Still don’t know why they were there.


15. Multicoloured pens

Admit it. We’ve all tried to click all of them at once. 


16. Water filled rulers

Still wondering how the water was put inside it.


17. Magic pens

These never failed to fascinate kids, no matter what age group they belonged to. 


18. Stick ’em stones

The notebook covers used to be super boring. Thankfully we had the stick ’em stones to style things up.


19. Sketch pens

Remember the set of 50? We all wanted someone to gift us that on our birthday.

Novel updates

20. Camel wax crayons

Thanks for making our childhood a little more colourful. 


21. Oil pastels

Very few knew how to use them properly but that didn’t stop us from buying them.

22. Colour pencils

The best thing about them? That we could sharpen them.


23. Watercolour pen

Six colours. One pen. ‘Nuff said.

Comedy central

24. Slam books

Before Facebook, there were the slam books.


25. Pencil grips

The best and the most stylish way to avoid blisters on our fingers. 


26. Replaceable colour pencils

Inter-changeable colours. What can be cooler than that?


27. Roller ink eraser with brush

Eraser scrapings can be annoying. Which is why we had this cool brush so that our hands remained clean.


Stationary today might be cool, but it’ll never be 90s level cool.