Living with your family is usually a hoot. That’s because you know your family through and through. There are no surprises in store. But living with your folks is not always possible or feasible. There are times when you have to move out of your home and live with flatmates. And that, my friends is not a simple walk in the park. Here are a few struggles we face when we live with flatmates.

1. When you live with flatmates, anything you put in the fridge is liable to magically disappear without notice.

And the best thing is that no one owns up to it.

2. Sharing a toilet is always hell.

Because managing bathroom time is a bit like travelling in the Indian Railways. If one train is “delayed,” the whole system goes haywire.

3. Then there’s always that one room-mate who never pays his/her share of the rent on time. So while you pretend to be like this.

What you really want to do is this.

4. Some flat-mates like using your stuff without your permission.

A friend of mine once saw her room-mate open her almirah, rub shampoo into her dry hair and bolt into the bathroom.

5. If you hire a cook, get ready for a tug of war over what the menu will look like.

And the probability that everyone will reach an agreement is as high as KRK saying something intelligent.

6. There are times when you’re not exactly in the mood to party and your flatmate decides to go throw the party of the century on the very same day.

7. When all you want to do is catch some Zzz’s but a flatmate wants to have a life-changing conversation with you. Right now.

8. And God forbid if you get stuck with someone who has never heard of the word “hygiene” and messes up the house like a filth-tornado.

9. When your flatmate’s family comes over and you have to act sanskaari all of a sudden.

10. If you have a TV in your flat, most of your time will be spent fighting over the remote than actually watching something.

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