There’s no doubt about the fact that world of WWE is a topsy-turvy one. I mean, think about it. People go on from being the best of friends to sledgehammer-bashing arch rivals in weeks. One event they’re cheered, the other they’re mercilessly booed. And let’s not forget the steel chairs, the ladders, the tables and the elimination chambers. Aah… this universe is anything but boring. Just like our crazy everyday lives. Beg to differ? Well, let these outrageous gifs change your mind:

1. When you reach office and then realize that you’ve forgotten your freakin’ laptop!

2. When you hit Shift+Del and realize that maybe it was too early for that.

3. When you wake up after a really, really heavy night of drinking.

4. When you’re trying to battle constipation with all your strength.

5. When you walk into a bar and find out that happy hours are still on.

6. When you see that your colleagues have ordered pizza.

7. When Monday hits you right in the face!

8. When someone farts in a crowded metro and you of all people know who it was.

9. When you’re helping a friend move furniture in his / her apartment.

10. When someone gifts you the DVD of a really shitty movie on your birthday.

11. When someone cracks a really pathetic joke and you replay it in your head only to later realize that it’s terribly lame.

12. When you put your phone on silent and then later realize that you mom has called 12334340834 times.

13. When you are giving directions to your cab guy and he’s abso-freakin’-lutely clueless.

14. When your life’s going just fine but suddenly your mom finds a pack of cigarettes in your bag.

15. When at a family function, you overhear an aunty trying to peddle you as an eligible groom.

16. When you forget to sign out of Facebook!

17. When you have to carry your drunk friend and you’re a little tipsy too.

18. When you’re on a plane and the kid behind you keeps kicking your seat, you turn around and do THIS.

19. When you grab a seat in an overcrowded metro only to later realize that it’s reserved for the elderly.

20. When someone who’s got way more followers than you, RTs your tweet.

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