It's not that hard to masturbate, is it? You just keep flicking your clit till kingdom come, right? Umm... No.

Masturbation is not a mechanized process that has an on and off button. It's an intimate experience where you get to know your body better. It's an adventure where with every tiny touch you discover yourself and begin to understand the hows and whys of your body. 

So, ladies, it's time you learnt how to love your body in the proper way. So, you better take out some time to try these 13 tips that will give you at least a gazillion orgasms. 

1. Don't ignore your nips 

Your nipples are as sensitive as your vagina. Major pleasure centres light up in the brain when nipples are stimulated. Have you heard about nipplegasm? Well, it's a legit thing and it's an incredibly sensory experience that you need to have in your life. So don't forget your nipples in the rush for the big O. 

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2. Lube it up.

For whatever reason, sometimes our vaginas are not as wet. And masturbation without wetness isn't fun or recommended. While you can use your saliva, how about trying some lube? But make sure that your lube hasn't expired and you don't have any allergies to lube. If you're good to go, then we suggest you lube it right up! 

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3. Invest in a sex toy. 

There are taboos and misconceptions attached to using sex toys. Trust me, using a sex toy does not mean that you or your partner is any less capable. Think of it as adding a little spice to your boring dal. While you're okay with the dal, a little spice is just going to bring out its flavour. 

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4. Create the perfect ambience.

If you're dedicating some time to yourself, why not go all the way? Light up a few candles, burn a little incense, wear some lacy-racy lingerie and get your sexy on. Do everything that makes you feel sexy before you start the act, and see how it changes the end result. 

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5. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. 

Don't be in a rush to get to the grand finale. It's all about feeling yourself up, learning about your body, making your body squirm by touching the right points and discovering everything that turns you on and doesn't. Slow is the key word. 

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6. Not just your clit. Give some attention to other parts as well. 

Clitoral stimulation is the best way to finish, but there are other parts of your vagina to access that'll help make the finish a little bigger and worth it. Reach out to your vagina, discover all your points and then incorporate touching those parts along with clitoral stimulation. 

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7. A little penetration will help. 

A lot of women are a little wary of penetration during masturbation but fret not, ladies. It does take a little getting used to, but when and if you do, you'll be having some major orgasms all night long. The trick is to figure out what works for you and what doesn't. 

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8. Introduce some visual stimulation to the game. It'll help. 

Watch a little porn or just read a little erotica, whatever suits your taste, just do it. Don't be shy to get a little visual inspiration, it'll help you get started. 

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9. Use your imagination. 

Nothing beats the things that our mind can brew up when we're feeling naughty. If you're not really into watching porn, you can always use your imagination and create a favourable scenario in your head. It can be with your SO or with anyone you like. 

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10. Don't stick to one position. 

Most women prefer just lying down and going about their business, but seriously where's the fun in that? Get up, spread your legs, rest one leg on the wall or just get on all fours and touch yourself. Spice it up, make use of your limbs. 

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11. Use ice or shower head to help you a little. 

Apart from all the different things you can use to make things interesting, ice and the shower head is the easiest thing. Grab some cubes and rub it wherever you want to. The extreme cold of the ice will result in perky, erect nipples and an excited clit. When using a shower head, just keep your hand steady. 

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12. If it turns you on, make your partner watch. 

When there's an audience to watch you moan while you help yourself and that doubles up the fun. Ask your partner to watch you, because trust me it will fire you right up. The sex that'll ensue will be maddening and quite exquisite. If you're alone, you can always use a mirror. 

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13. Try different techniques and stick to what works best for you. 

Oh yes, there are different techniques to masturbate. From Pattie cake to Dig the shovel, whatever makes your little boat float, you can try it. And once you've ticked off every possible technique just stick to the one that suits you the best. 

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 We hope you have a good night tonight, ladies.