It’s a universal fact that fathers do not know how to express – of course, that doesn’t deprive them of feelings. If anything, they have a stockpile of it. And we rarely witness that coming out, but when it does it’s pretty wholesome. Like, this Twitter thread about a father giving advice on fatherhood.

A Twitter user shared how his father had a number of zingers for his cousin, who had just become a father. The said father clearly has great advice, but how he presented it is where the creativity really comes in. For instance, he talked about being a child’s friend, which happens when you stop understanding their homework.

He added to the gems of wisdom, with things like – “Always be willing to cancel your plans at the last minute, because they will always be willing to cancel your plans at the last minute.” And the fact that he had it all ready just proves that our fathers have a lot to say, they just like to save it for the right time. Like how they wait till after the ITR deadline, to talk about that deadline.

Twitter clearly loves this.

This thread explains so much about my father’s indirect ways to get things done.