Friends has not come down with its level of popularity, even after so many years. If anything, as we grow we are able to relate to each character and their issues. In fact, we use these characters as metaphors when we have to explain things. Here are some of the most memorable moments in the series that either made us roll over with laughter and more.

1. When Phoebe wished she could help set up Ross's new apartment, but didn't want to.

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2. When Rachel finally cuts her credit cards.

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3. When Ross tried teaching Phoebe and Rachel Unagi.

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 4. When Phoebe gave the world her lobster theory.

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5. When Joey kissed a whining chandler on New Year's.

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6. When Joey looks at Monica's old videos and thinks that the big girl on screen ate Monica.

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7. When 'Smelly Cat' was introduced to the world.

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8. When Monica got stung by a jellyfish.

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9. When Chandler and Joey lose all their furniture.

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10. When nobody but Joey thought of turning off the radiator at Monica's party.

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11. Every conversation that Chandler had with the duck and the rooster.

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12. When Chandler is handcuffed by Rachel's boss, and left to wait in her office.

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13. When Phoebe decided to be the surrogate for her brother.

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14. When Ross showed us how to show the finger, without showing the finger.

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15. When Monica taught Chandler the 'seven' erogenous zones. OH seven!

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Oh why did this series come to an end!