The truth is that everyone deserves to feel loved, adored and respected in a relationship. And unfortunately, patriarchy has reinforced gender roles so terribly that there are so many things men miss out on, even during romantic relationships. So, this Reddit thread we stumbled upon where men have shared things they hardly ever get to experience in relationships definitely seems important to share.

Here, take a look for yourself:

1. “I am not used to getting gifts and now I actually don’t like receiving them.”


2. “I’m bad at accepting gifts and compliments. My therapist had to tell me I should try saying thank you when I get a compliment. It’s still unexpected and off-putting though.”


3. “Compliments man. I swear they really help build the bond.”


4. “Romance.”


5. “Being allowed to be a real human being with insecurities and flaws. Also having someone initiate sex. No one has ever initiated sex, in general, no one has ever done anything that would make me feel wanted. I always feel like ‘This is just happening because I’m making it happen, this person doesn’t like me enough to risk anything and reach out or initiate.'”


6. “Showing emotions, especially sad ones, and being validated for it.”


7. “Being loved for who you are rather than what you bring to the table.”


8. “Compliments. ‘Thank you.’ You REALLY don’t get the same appreciation as a man as women do on a regular basis.”


9. “With women? Being romanced. I can remember a few times where it happens but often I have felt like I’ve been expected to do the romancing but to them, reciprocation is just sex… I need more than that.”


10. “Never had a girl cook for me before. I usually do the cooking because I enjoy it but it would be nice to get a meal here and there.”


11. “Being protected. Whether it be physically or verbally or whatever. Physically is obvious, but a concerning amount of my exes were very happy to gang up on me with their friends or anyone who opposed me in an argument whether it be serious or not.”


12. “One of my exes held me and ran her fingers through my hair. It was something I hadn’t felt since I was a small boy. No one ever touches me. A hug once in a while would be nice.”


We all deserve love and respect.