If the only reason you wanna move abroad is that you wish to date videshis, then it’s highly problematic, and you’re better off introspecting about the kind of person you are! 

This NRI guy in the USA is ranting about the ‘plight’ of Indian men as they’re incapable to date an ‘angrez‘ abroad. Our question is, who’d wanna date an incel? 

For your information, no ‘girl gang’ would accept your ‘boys world’ if it revolves around ogling women and menacing normal guys who’re in happy relationships (just because you can never have one). 

Not only is this highly colourist, the sense of desperation oozing out in here is max cringeworthy. Also, believing that you deserve to be in a relationship and cribbing about how no one would take you just because you’re a man is peak male entitlement.  

Additionally, fetishizing dating a foreigner is just you internalizing the colonial idea of beauty which was always problematic. 

Safe to say, some people on Twitter are also enraged about this distorted attempt at humour.

Apparently, desis are taking their desperation everywhere!