If you think that your English vocabulary is good and you can probably understand and pronounce every English word, to shayad tum galat ho.

No matter how much you try to excel in the English language, this man Shashi Tharoor will always make you doubt your own skills. Undoubtedly, his vocabulary is better than yours, mine, actually everyone else’s.


Not long back his ‘exasperating farrago’ blew away the minds of almost everyone in India. Believe me, he has a complex set of words for every simple word spoken by the common folk. 

We all have been enjoying the mind-blowing memes and parody videos making fun of the Tharoorian English on the Internet for quite a long time. But this time, Mr. Tharoor has something to say to all of us. He has made an effort to explain why he uses tough words in his tweets. And obviously, he does it in his own distinctive style.

Hopefully, you’ve understood what he wants to say. He has tried to explain it in a very simple way, except the word ‘rodomontade‘. If not, then he has given you one more opportunity to improve your vocabulary. Grab the dictionary or reach out to Google for help, because everyone is doing it.

According to reports, the word ‘rodomontade’ has stumped the internet so much that it has officially become one of the most widely searched words on Google in India in the last 24 hours. 


Omar Abdullah has asked all those learning English to follow his colleague Shashi Tharoor.

Those who read his tweet, reacted in a hilarious manner.

Jokes apart, some even felt that Tharoor did a great job by introducing a new word to them.

Well done Mr. Tharoor!!