Just when we thought no track could transcend Coke Studio 14’s ultimate treat Tu Jhoom, we witnessed magic in the season’s third song Sajan Das Na. 

Teleporting us to the realm of love, fame and heartbreak, Coke Studio brings together Momina Mustehsan and Atif Aslam in slow-jam delight.

Amongst your many expectations from this season, one would undeniably be a vibrant duet. However, this track does not serve as your typical duet performance. 

We see Atif throw up his hands, blaming his popularity for the chasm it has caused between him and his love, while Momina is armed to the teeth with grace and poise and both exasperatedly beseech “Oh beloved, tell me what should I do?”

While Coke Studio songs are famed for spiritually exploring the eras we are oblivious to, Sajan Das Na totally captivates us as it traverses through the maze of modern day relationships. 

The megastars of this latest pop song, styled by Faraz Sheikh and Alishay Adnan, are a sight to behold.

It’s beautifully painful to watch the duo singing to each other, and despite being exhausted by the distance, are never able to meet in real-time. 

Experiencing the flavours of all sorts of emotions, Twitter is obsessed with the duo (and so are we). 

With this, we officially have our 2 a.m. jam to weep copiously while we imagine scenarios.

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Do yourself a favour and listen to the entire song here: 

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