Even though it is a way to make us all stay home during this lockdown, celebrities and TV channels have been making sure to treat us with all things nostalgic. 

And guess which band joined hands (virtually) to take us back to that glorious 90s era? 

India’s first all-girls band, VIVA. 


That’s right! This bunch of non-Bollywood female artists reunited after more than a decade to sing one of their biggest numbers – Jago Zara.

One of the (ex)band members and popular playback singer, Anushka Manchanda shared the video on her IG calling the song the sign of the times, and yet, it is timeless. 

The video had all the members of the band including Pratichee Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin and Mahua Kamat singing their hearts out. Might we say, they all looked like they aged like fine wine even after all these years.

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Jago Zara..my most favourite song of VIVA, an all girl band I was part of, my first step into the music industry. Coming from rock n roll, the two years I spent with this indipop band were sometimes confusing, sometimes exhilirating, and most times just downright crazy! I was a baby when I went to the auditions as a joke, a way to get out of staying home studying. I had absolutely no idea that this would be the start of an absolutely new life direction. Today I can’t imagine a life without my work and passion for music, and for this I am ever grateful. The universe guides, and you flow ✨ Its been so many years and so much has happened, and still today, people come up to me, to us all, to tell us what Viva meant to them. This video is for you, for every time you have thought of us, sent us messages, sung our songs and reached out to us to tell us how you feel ♥️ Thank you for this everlasting love, this crazy bond you have built with us that has lasted so many years. We feel you, we give you love right back ♥️ . . For the people who have never heard this song before, Jago Zara is the sign of the times, and yet, it is timeless. For the downtrodden, the broken, the supressed, the marginalised, sidelined, the outnumbered For the ones that are asleep, unconscious, blinded, confused, hypnotised For the ones that need strength, love, power, support….. Jago Zara! Savera Ho Gaya! Original song masterfully written by @jaduakhtar , composed and produced by @salimsulaimanmusic ..thank you for this gift..I will hold it close forever ♥️ Song rights : Star India New vocals recorded on multiple devices during lockdown in April 2020, mixed and mastered by @manchandashikhar at @thebeastindiacompany . Thanks @lydiabuthello for all your love and your support ♥️ . #jagozara #viva #popstars #starindia #thebeastindiacompany #anushkamanchanda #praticheemohapatra #mahuakamat #nehabhasin

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In these tough times, VIVA has brought back a part of our childhood that we didn’t think we’ll remember after all this time.