Lucky Ali’s soul-stirring voice was a part of every 90s’ kid’s life and his iconic songs legit were the anthem of every romantic’s heart. So, when this singer created magic once again with his latest O Sanam video, we couldn’t help but fall into a pit of nostalgia.    

We started listening to all of his love anthems all over again and stumbled upon an old clip from Zee Cine Awards 2000. What was super special about this video was that it saw both Lucky Ali and Hrithik Roshan perform Na Tum Na Hum from the movie Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai.  

The video saw both of them singing and swaying to the rhythm of the song and honestly, it was a trip down memory lane. 

I mean, just imagine Hrithik Roshan with his young boy charm and Lucky Ali with his melodious voice creating magic on stage. How mesmerizing would the whole aura be?  


So naturally, we weren’t the only one spellbound by this collaboration. People on social media too were in awe. 


When they say old is gold, we’re sure they’re talking about this beautiful collaboration.  

You can watch the entire performance here :