If you think that language plays a role in one’s success, then sorry to break it to you friends, that is not the case. The fact is that knowing or being fluent in English is neither a sign of intelligence nor a mark of success. It’s about time we ditched thinking English is superior to any other language.

There are plenty of people who are successful in spite of studying from Hindi or regional language schools. And, in case you were wondering who these people are, find out for yourself here.  

1. Hima Das 

She made the whole nation proud and has completed her school education from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. Did that deter her from her success, nope. 

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2. Pratamesh Hirve

Pratamesh Hirve is a scientist at ISRO, who is from Mumbai. He studied in Marathi medium till class 10th, and then went on to do a two-year diploma in engineering from a polytechnic. 

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3. Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder of PayTM, he finished his schooling from a Hindi medium school in Aligarh. 


4. Surabhi Gautam

Surabhi Gautam is an IAS officer who secured 50 as a rank in the civil services exam. She too, completed most of her education from a Hindi-medium school


5. Arun Bothra 

IPS Officer Arun Bothra studied at a government school and has spoken about how he learnt English very late in life. And that didn’t work against him in any way, as he went on to become very accomplished. 


6. Sanjay Mishra

We all know just how fine of an actor he is. Sanjay Mishra studied at Kendriya Vidyalaya, BHU, in Varanasi, UP. And then later went on to pursue his acting career at the National School of Drama. 

7. Pankaj Tripathi

I guess we’re all familiar with the fact that Pankaj Tripathi has great command over Hindi as a language. And let’s not forget how much he’s mastered his craft. The actor studied at D.P.H School, Gopalganj, which is a Hindi-medium school. 

8. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has spoken about how he doesn’t speak English at all, but that hasn’t or won’t ever stop him from being a professional and delivering a dialogue in English. He studied at a Hindi-medium school in Budhana, Muzzaffarnagar, UP. 

9. Deepak Dobriyal 

The actor studied at a government boys’ school in Begumpur, which is a Hindi-medium school. And, not to be repetitive, but his work speaks for itself. 

10. Sushmita Sen 

She has spoken about not knowing how to speak English till the 9th grade. The actor studied at a Hindi-medium school for a long while before switching to an English-medium one. 

11. Harbhajan Singh

Just as the others in the list, we’ve all witnessed Harbhajan Singh’s rise and success. He too, studied at a Hindi-medium government school in Jalandhar. 

Be proud of what you bring to the table, even if it has to be translated for everyone seated there.