There is a reason why it is advised that we should not get drunk alone in the balcony. ‘Coz it’s damn unsafe. No matter how much we say we are in our senses, it is still not a great choice. Zara sa pair slip hua and you might end up risking your life. We have often heard of incidents where intoxicated people have fallen to deaths from buildings. Such cases shake us to the core. Isn’t it?

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A drunk man, however, turned out to be God’s favourite child as he survived after falling from 19th floor. Whaaaat? Yes, it happened in Russia.

In a miraculous moment, the intoxicated man allegedly landed on a parked car after the accident. Not just that, the man stood up and started singing before being rushed to a hospital.

Source: CEN/Mirror

According to a report by Mirror, the man identified as Arthur lost his balance while standing in the balcony of a building and fell down, local media stated. The accident took place on Kolesnichenko Street in Voronezh on April 4.

The report added that Arthur had apparently entered the building after drinking alcohol heavily and eating an apple. Arthur stayed in the balcony and sat for some time there before falling on the car. Reportedly, the 40-year-old man was coping with break-up as he was recently dumped by his girlfriend.

Source: CEN/Mirror

The bone-chilling accident has caught our attention on YouTube.

In a video posted by USA TODAY, Arthur can be seen falling on SUV and later being pulled out by rescue workers. While the Nissan X-Trail is visibly wrecked, the man stands up without much help as if nothing happened. Watch it here:

(Viewers discretion advised)

“It was incredible, he seemed to be really happy and was walking around as if not much had happened. He was even singing,” an eyewitness told the local media.

The man continued singing while visiting the hospital, the ambulance staff stated.

Later, it was found out that Arthur has suffered brain and spine injuries. He was diagnosed with concussion and a compressed fracture of the spine, the report added.

Be safe peeps!

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