Just last week parts of Northeast Delhi burned, literally, as India's capital became the epicenter for one of the worst cases of communal violence in recent history. The clashes reportedly began between pro-CAA and anti-CAA supporters and resulted in multiple casualties. The death toll climbed to 46, while over 200 people were injured. 

Delhi Violence
Source: Business Today

In the wake of the horrifying violence, the Delhi Government has introduced various compensation schemes for the riot victims. 

Delhi Compensation Scheme for Riot Victims
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As per the schemes, the maximum compensation offered is 10 Lakh (for the 'Death of Major'). It also includes compensation for property damage of both residential and commercial units. 

An application form to apply for the compensation scheme has also been shared. Additionally, the official government site has also listed helpline numbers to avail further assistance: 

Riot Victim Application Form
Source: Delhi Gov
Delhi Gov Helpline Numbers
Source: Delhi Gov

Please refer here for further details about compensation schemes and officers-in-charge.