In a shocking incident, a man lost his 12-year-old son even as he carried him on his shoulder trying to get him admitted in a hospital after one medical centre in Uttar Pradesh refused to admit him on Monday. 

A Hindustan Times report said that the man, Sunil Kumar, had taken his son to one of Kanpur’s biggest hospitals to get his son, Ansh, treated for high fever.  

But Kumar alleged the staff and emergency ward of the hospital did not provide any assistance and delayed treatment by 30 minutes after which they told him to take his son to a children’s hospital. This he says, led to his child’s death.

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Kumar also claimed that hospital authorities refused to consider his pleas and didn’t provide him with assistance either to move his son due to which he tried to carry him to the children’s hospital 250 metres away. 

But even after his son died while being moved, no one helped him to take the body home, says the HT report.

In a similar case, a minor girl in Gurgaon died while waiting in a queue in a public hospital. In another incident, a man from Odisha man was forced to carry his wife’s corpse 10 km after being denied an ambulance to transport the body. 

Many people took to social media to express anger and disappointment: 

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