It’s great to see citizens of a country take their role seriously to further a country’s progress or protect its integrity, but it’s just as inspiring to see its police force do their part. Which is what the people of Vijayawada saw happen recently.


On Tuesday, Nuzvid’s station house officers (SHOs) and their teams, were seen filling in potholes along Nuzvid highway and other roads connecting Vissannapeta, Mylavaram and Agiripalli. According to DSP B Srinivasulu, a report regarding 25 potholes across the area was prepared, and thereafter, police officers in the vicinity pooled in money and began repairing them by themselves. 

This was something that took place after civilians in the area repeatedly requested the authorities to repair them, but never heard back from them. While the Andhra police worked on filling the potholes, civilians also pitched in and helped.  

Here are some of the things people had to say about the good deed. 

We’re so proud to have police officers like these. Thank you.