What would you like to gift yourself on your 25th birthday? A Bulgarian woman, Andrea Ivanova, celebrated her silver jubilee by getting some chin and jaw filler. She also claims to possess the world’s biggest lips and is now adamant about making a world record for the most elongated and pointed chin.

Andrea Ivanova World's Biggest Lips

Ivanova began her body modification journey in 2018. Since then, she has spent almost $9000, approximately ₹7.5 lakhs, on 32 different procedures. And she has no plans to stop anytime in the near future. She gets hyaluronic acid injections every two weeks to maintain her enlarged lips.

She said, “My doctor said he thinks I’m overdoing it again with fillers in my chin. But he said this about my lips. I’m determined to do more because I think I need to elongate and sharpen my chin. I love my lips and I want that new record,” quotes New York Post.

Apparently, Ivanova has also had breast surgery. Her doctors have warned her that another injection could be fatal to her life. Her supersized lips are already blocking her nostrils and making it difficult for her to eat properly. However, the woman is adamant about making a new record.

“I’ve come this far and I can’t even think about how much I have spent. There have been too many injections and there are more to come,” said Ivanova.

Her enormous pouted lips have garnered her immense views on social media platforms. She’s an Instagram and TikTok influencer with a wide range of followers. Her fans root for her, while many others troll her for this peculiar obsession with body modification.

In an interview last year, Ivanova revealed, “Many men from all over the world write to me on my social media networks offering me money, trips and inviting me to meetings all the time.”

However, despite criticism and fan concerns about the size of her lips, Ivanova isn’t worried or scared about her lip bursting.

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