Due to the ongoing pandemic, while humans have begun to get out while trying to maintain social distancing, let’s look at 15 instances that prove animals are way better at social distancing than us. 

1. Our national bird is nailing the art of social distancing like a pro, amid the lockdown in Rajasthan.


2. Meanwhile, in Poland, outside of IKEA, a pigeon stood in line alongside humans while observing social distancing rules.


3. Seems like, cats are taking social distancing quite seriously and this picture is proof.


4. Aww! Look at this adorable doggo. Even he understands the importance of social distancing.

5. These cats, on the roof, are practising social distancing better than humans could ever do. 


6. This doggo, waiting in a queue, outside a shop while social distancing is teaching us a very important lesson. 


7. Wow! What a sight! It’s heartwarming to see these cute creatures taking social distancing seriously. 


8. Bin Chickens in Wynyard, Australia show us how social distancing is done. Very impressive!


9. These clever cats are not taking any chances. They are taking social distancing very seriously and so should we. 

10. These cuties from Brooklyn are definitely doing their part to stay apart. 


11. More like social ‘ducktancing’ huh?


13. Social distancing Moose edition. 


14. The seagulls are also maintaining safe distance from each other. 


15. In Japan, cats were also sitting in a line while maintaining social distancing. They are definitely helping in flattening the curve. 

Let’s learn from these animals because social distancing is the need of the hour so, take it seriously. Okay?