The National Capital region has been witnessing heavy rainfall for the past few days, leading to waterlogging and traffic jams in several parts of the city. 

A part of Ashoka Road in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi also caved in due to heavy rainfall today (Wednesday). Apparently, the hole created by the cave-in is almost 10 feet by 10 feet in size.

To ensure public safety, the police have barricaded the area. The Delhi Traffic Police also tweeted about the incident and stated that the road probably caved-in due to sinking of storm water drainage system.

Heavy rains have damaged infrastructure in Delhi. While waterlogging is causing traffic problems, daily road cave-ins have become a matter of concern. 

Earlier, on 19th July, a house collapsed in the slum area of Anna Nagar near ITO as a portion of the road along it caved-in due to heavy rains. Two days ago, the carriageway from Bhairon Road leading to Mathura Road caved in.