Days after Pentagon officially released three UFO videos shot by US Navy Pilots in the past, astronomers claim to have recorded a very powerful radio signal coming from within our galaxy for the very first time.

This new finding has perplexed astronomers because this is the first ever fast radio burst (FRB) originating in our very own Milky Way.

The powerful radio signal was recorded on 28th April when SGR 1935+2154, a dead star (that is 30,000 light years away from earth), registered for the radio observatories around the world with a single and millisecond-long burst of incredibly bright radio waves.

Astronomers say, the radio signal that was produced, was so powerful that it could also be detected in nearby galaxies.

Shrinivas Kulkarni, astronomer at Caltech, told ScienceAlert that “Something like this has never been seen before.”

Kulkarni further states, the signal may have originated due to massive shifting of gravitational forces causing a starquake or magnetar flare, that may have caused a disturbance in the magnetic field surrounding the dead star.

Right now, astronomers are still observing the source of this signal for follow-ups which could indicate further activity on the SGR 1935+2154.

Who knows, maybe the aliens are trying to contact us?