The AAP government recently announced that travelling in metro and other public transport will be free for women in a move that has been a topic of discussion for days.

The government said that the decision has been taken with women’s safety in mind, making a section of people question the correlation between security and financial subsidy.

Clearing the air about the same, party member Atishi wrote a post on Facebook with 4 main concerns and answers for the same.


Starting with the safety aspect, Atishi said that making travel free will result in more women using public transport, making modes of commute like metro and buses safe. 

As of now only 33% of Metro commuters are women. The fare hike last year hit women the worst forcing them to shift to more unsafe modes of transport like private buses, ride sharing, or even walking. This move will help them return to the Metro’s safety. More women in any public spaces automatically makes those spaces safer for women. This move will help women reclaim public spaces.  

She then shared inputs on financial viability of the decision.

The ticket revenue lost by Delhi Metro will be reimbursed fully by the Delhi government. DMRC will not suffer at all because of this.  
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As for overcrowding, she said:

When Phase 3 was planned, the estimated capacity was 40 lakhs ridership daily. But at the moment only 25 lakh commuters are using it, which is 15 lakh less than capacity.  

Lastly, she addressed the argument which asks why men aren’t provided with the same ‘privilege’.

Men may also need financial assistance, however, men have other alternatives that dont compromise their safety. For example, men have the option of taking two wheelers to work or using ride sharing apps without concern for their safety. 
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You can read the entire post here. 

For those who were waiting for an explanation from the government, here you have it.