A four-day downpour along Australia’s east coast has finally brought some relief to the country that was battling the devastating bushfires for months. 


But, while this is good news for the local residents, torrential rains have also caused widespread property damage and power outages due to storms and flooding. 

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney experienced its wettest 24 hours since 1992 as it received 7 inches of rainfall between Sunday and Monday morning. 

And, the weather forecast suggests that more wild weather is yet to come over the weekend. If the Bureau of Meteorology is to be believed, 200 millimeters of rainfall is expected in some areas by this weekend.

And, while the country is still trying to cope with the aftermath of the bushfires, now, there is concern that debris and ashes from months of devastating wildfires is being swept into the water supply.

The water authority in NSW said they are monitoring the quality of water and assessing whether extra steps need to be taken to control ash and sediments.

Also, heavy rainfall and life-threatening flash floods can be expected over the next few days according to the weather forecast. 

Some people also took to social media to share pictures and videos of rainfall that has been happening in parts of Australia for the past few days: