Would you agree to the fact that every group has that one cool, quarantine chef friend, who cooks tempting new dishes every single day? Yes, the same person whose feed you could drool over? 

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Turns out even PM Modi has that friend. Earlier today, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison took to Twitter to flaunt his patented dish ‘ScoMosas’ (Scott + Samosas) with a side of mango chutney. 

With his pun game strong, PM Scott also virtually offered his crispy-golden, vegetarian samosas to PM Modi by tagging him. PM Scott also expressed his desire to share these crunchy triangles with the latter. 


PM Scott and PM Modi are due to have a virtual summit on June 4. Initially, PM Scott was scheduled to visit India in May, after his January visit was pushed due to the devastating Australian wildfire.  


Looks like even with his virtual meeting, PM Scott is really making an effort to experience a glimpse of his much-awaited trip to India through these samosas.    


Well, to be fair, those flaky, crunchy ‘ScoMosas’ look dope.