It’s been 14 years since American singer, songwriter, and dancer Michael Jackson left for his heavenly abode. Fondly known as the ‘King of Pop’, MJ is still etched in our memories for his contribution to the world of music. We have witnessed many Michael Jackson fans over the years, and most of them have tried to imitate the late star. And yet no one has been able to come close to his art.

Source: Billboard

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Speaking of Michael Jackson’s legacy, an old video of an Indian dancer grooving like him have caught our attention on Twitter.

A Twitter handle called Fun Viral Vids (@Fun_Viral_Vids) posted the clip that shows the man dancing with some rural kids against the backdrop of a hut.

Source: Baba Jackson

The man is sporting a black suit and hat as he performs on Michael Jackson’s popular song, Dangerous, and imitates the steps of OG star. His dance moves are worth watching.

Source: Baba Jackson

Watch the video here:

Here’s how netizens are reacting to this video:

For the uninitiated, he is Baba Jackson, a 19-year-old social media influencer and dancer who hails from Rajasthan. Baba Jackson is widely known for imitating the iconic moves of pop legend Michael Jackson. The guy posted the aforementioned video on Instagram in February this year.

Here’s the original clip:

Woooaaah! Great moves, Baba Jackson. Keep grooving.