It was and is still heart-shattering to merely hear the news of the chaotic aftermath that occurred at Kabul airport during the American evacuation of Afghanistan.

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But, like a beam of light amidst the dark, a baby boy who was separated from his parents after the tragedy has been finally reunited with his family after four months.

Sohail Ahmadi, the infant, was barely two months old when he went missing in Kabul amid the evacuation on August 19th. After Reuters released images of Sohail in an exclusive story in November, a 29-year-old cab driver called Hamid Safi tracked him down in Kabul.

According to the news agency, Mr. Safi said he found Sohail alone and weeping on the ground at the airport. After failing to locate the boy’s family, he decided to adopt him and raise him as his own son with his wife and children. 


They named the baby Mohammad Abed and shared photos of all the children together on Mr. Safi’s Facebook page. When the whereabouts of Sohail was found, the baby’s grandfather, Mohammad Qasem Razawi, of the north-eastern region of Badakhshan, travelled to Kabul to request that the child be returned.


After seven weeks of negotiations and a brief detainment of Mr Safi – Taliban police arranged a compromise between the two families and the baby was returned to his grandfather on Saturday.

His parents expressed their delight after witnessing the reunion over video chat.