Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna’s recent interview with BBC has gone viral on the internet.

Vikas Khanna is being lauded for hitting back at the BBC news anchor who presumptuously assumed that the chef’s generosity in providing food to the poor and the needy in India stems from his sense of hunger while he was growing up in India. 

Here’s a clip from the interview. Take a look. 

While asking a question, the BBC’s news anchor said that since you are not from a rich family in India, your sense of hunger must have come from there. The anchor can be heard saying:

You have been famous now. You have cooked for Obamas, you have been on Gordon Ramsay’s show. But, you were not always like this. You are not from a rich family so I dare say you understand how precarious it can be in India.

To which, Vikas very calmly replies that his sense of hunger came from New York and not India. 

He says that he was born and raised in Amritsar, a city where meals are cooked in community kitchens and people are served langars. He also goes onto to say, from where he belongs, food is cooked in abundance and is sufficient to feed the entire city. 


He further states that his sense of hunger came from New York where he didn’t have a roof over his head or food to eat, during his initial days of struggle. He says:

My sense of hunger came from New York, when I was struggling and really at the bottom. I was living in Grand Central and sleeping around. It was difficult for a brown kid to rise through, someone who had a dream of winning the Michelin star.

Netizens lauded Vikas Khanna for hitting back at the BBC news anchor.

Ever since the lockdown came into effect, Vikas Khanna and his team have been working relentlessly to provide meals to millions of underprivileged people across cities in India. 

Vikas Khanna, you won our hearts yet again.