Not to say watching cricket matches from the stadium isn’t exciting, but added advantages of enjoying the sport via TV include comfort zone, funny commentary, and oh-so-hilarious placards. People really put forth their creativity and write sentences that get many of us laughing out loud.

IPL 2023

Now that this year’s IPL season is concluding, take a look at these 19 interesting placards people have brought over the seasons.

1. ‘Don’t show me on camera my co-workers think I’m unwell’

The placard that has been going viral these days!

funny IPL 2023 Placards
Twitter – Shivani (@meme_ki_diwani)

2. ‘Not Getting Married Till RCB Wins IPL’

Prolonged waiting!

funny ipl placards
Twitter – 200_Mishra Nikhil (@200_mishra)

3. ‘If Hardik hits a 50, I’ll resign from my job’

hilarious  ipl placards
Twitter – Sagar (@sagarcasm)

4. ‘Looking for a 2 BHK in Indiranagar’

hilarious ipl placards
Twitter – Atin Bose (@BoseAtin)

5. ‘I am here only for Dhoni’

best ipl placards
ANI News

6. ‘Dhoni’s decision-making ability is so good, even ChatGPT takes advice from him’

hilarious ipl placards
ABP Live

7. ‘Will not join school until RCB wins IPL’

funny IPL moments
Twitter – Out of Context Cricket (@GemsofCricket)

8. ‘Weather Forecast: Raining fours and sixed and expected ‘Gayle’ storm’

best ipl placards over the years

9. ‘Shaadi ke liye sarkari dulha dhoondhna band karo’

best ipl moments
Instagram – Lucknowi Nazaare

10. ‘I will eat 50 Rasgullas if KKR wins tonight’

funny ipl placards KKR
Hindustan Times

11. ‘My blood-group is RCB Positive’

hilarious ipl placards RCB team
Vijay Karnataka

12. ‘Travelled 2000 km to witness MSD’s Helicopter Shot’

IPL funny moments
ANI News

13. ‘I will not date until Virat’s 71’

best ipl moments of all time
ABP News

14. ‘My girlfriend says me or IPL. So, I’m here’

ipl placards
Twitter – OPJAT33

15. ‘Jaddu, can you please lose your wicket on the first ball? We want to see Mahi’

interesting ipl placards
News18 Kannada

16. ‘We always support Kings XI Punjab

hilarious ipl banners

17. ‘Why do we need a superman when we have Rohit Sharma?’

best IPL moments hilarious placards

18. ‘My wife did not allow me to wear my CSK jersey’

hilarious ipl placards
Twitter – Chennai Super Kings

19. ‘Tinder, Shubman se match karado’

A placard even made Shubman Gill join Tinder.

Which one’s your favourite?

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