After nearly 7 years, Chhattisgarh forest department officials reportedly spotted a rare black panther at Achanakmar Tiger Reserve in Bilaspur district. 

The majestic animal was captured multiple times between March 25 to April 25 on trap cameras that are installed at the reserve. 

However, the exact location where the panther was spotted has been kept a secret due to security reasons. 

Just look at him rolling on the ground in the third picture. He clearly seems to be having a good time. Too cute!

Spotting a panther on normal days is close to impossible as they are very good at hiding but due to lack of human interruption they are getting a chance to explore their habitat. 

Twitter was definitely excited to Bagheera enjoying his outdoor adventures. 

Earlier, a black panther was also spotted in a wildlife sanctuary in Goa. There are around four other habitats of black panther in the state.

This is yet another example of the lockdown proving to be a boon for nature and the wildlife.