Remember the time when an Industrialist, Shrinivas Gupta, installed a life-like wax statue of her late wife to fulfill her wish to live in the dream house? 

Well, it wasn’t just that one time. Many are taking to getting statues made of their lost loved ones to help them grieve their loss.


The recent one being the wax statue of Lakshmi Prabha’s late father at her wedding. 

Since she was missing her father while the wedding arrangements were being made, her elder sister gifted his life-like wax statue to her.


The statue costed the elder sister, Bhuvaneshwari, around 6 lakh rupees.


Lakshmi’s father had passed away a few years earlier and as a token of gift, Bhuvaneshwari thought of gifting her sister a life-like wax statue. 


Bhuvaneshwari spent a considerable amount of time on this gift so that it replicates the reality in all essence. 

It costs around 6 lakhs but we can see a smile in our sister’s face.


To commemorate the life-like statue, the couple bowed down to touch their late father’s feet in spirit.


Well, it must have been an emotional wedding. 

All the screenshots have been taken from MSN.