Unfortunately, it is no news that the COVID-19 outbreak and the fear of contracting the pandemic has resulted in an increase of people abandoning their pets, all across the globe.  


And WHO explicitly stating that pets especially cats and dogs are not carriers of the pandemic, doesn’t seem to make a difference to pet owners who want to brutally abandon their furballs in the name of Coronavirus. 


But in a heartfelt gesture to combat this form of animal cruelty, British Airways has managed to fly abandoned cats and dogs to the UK, after they were disowned by their owners in Cyprus amidst the outbreak. 


According to Ladbible, around 36 doggos along with 14 cats were abandoned on the streets amid the pandemic. And in order to help these furballs, lots of charities joined hands to plan a rescue mission.  


British Airways had a specially trained crew to implement this rescue mission. They managed to safely land these pooches on British ground so that they could enjoy a new life.

Daily Mail

The British Airways Captain, Paul Walker Northwood who made this rescue plan a huge success along with his team exclaimed that it was his duty to help the needy in times like these. He further told Ladbible

We were pleased to support this mission to bring these new four-legged family members to the UK to give them the chance of better, more comfortable lives here with their new owners. At British Airways, animal welfare is important to us and we know how important it is to our customers.  

After the plane landed in Gatwick, all the furry passengers were straight away taken to the airport’s Animal Reception Centre. And their new owners were there to receive them.