With the increasing COVID-19 cases across the globe, people from all walks of life are turning into real-life-superheroes by providing whatever little aid they can to contain the situation and assist those in need.

Source: PTI

Another such act of kindness was carried out by a taxi driver in Spain who was giving patients a ride to the hospital without charging them a penny.  

In a heartwarming gesture, the frontline warriors at a hospital in Madrid united together to celebrate all the efforts that were put in by this generous cabbie with a round of applause. 

One day he got a call to pick up a patient from the hospital. On his arrival, all the frontline workers surprised him by giving him a standing ovation and the results to his COVID-19 tests which were thanlfully negative. 

Not only that, in order to thank him for his selfless service, but the medical staff at the hospital also collected money and gifted the cabbie an envelope filled with cash. 

Wholesome gestures like this is the positivity we need in tough times like these.