Are you looking for entertainment? Drama? Something that is currently lacking in Hindi films? If short-form video content entertains you more than any recently released movies, this is definitely for you. No, I am not talking about Instagram Reels but now-banned TikTok.

Despite being banned in India, a TikTok video from China has found its way on Twitter and is going viral. The clip is hilarious, dramatic, and entertaining AF.

Source: Twitter/TikTok

A Twitter user, @boygrrI, shared the TikTok video originally posted by @joeypp4 in which a woman can be seen performing hilarious sequences and mouthing dramatic dialogues. Her screen presence is the highlight of the whole clip. Don’t miss her hilarious walk.

“There should be Academy Awards for Chinese TikToks,” the user wrote.

Watch the clip here:

Here’s how netizens are reacting to it:

Cringe but entertaining! Isn’t it?