Buying expensive things is a personal choice. People, who can afford luxury, spend exorbitant amounts to enhance their lifestyle in general. Of course, some of them rather invest their money for a better future. Flexing about owning luxurious items, clothing, or assets is cool only if you spend your own money and not when you are feeling entitled to deserve all that without actually working for them.

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Speaking of flexing, a 20-year-old guy, who is a self-proclaimed trader, claimed that he purchased a shirt worth ₹22,000.

Source: Piyush Trades

The Twitter user named Piyush Trades (@piyush_trades) posted a video of recording himself while sporting the shirt in a trial room. He also shared his age in the tweet.

Source: Piyush Trades

“I bought a shirt worth ₹22,000. (20 yrs old),” the tweet reads.

Soon, netizens started flaunting their purchases. Some of them even pulled his leg using Bollywood references.

A few Twitter users believed that the clip is from a trial room of Tata Group-owned affordable fashion brand, Zudio, whose items are based on low-cost business model.

Oh boy! It looks like that this guy was faking it just to trend on Twitter. His another tweet says it all.

Seriously, kaun hain ye log?