The fact that a page called Brahmins Worldwide is operational, is appalling in itself and more or less prepares you for the casteist shit that’s coming your way.

You have to be a part of the group to see the posts, but someone recently shared a screenshot of one on Reddit, and, as I said, it has exactly the kind of sad discrimination you’d expect. 


So, it’s a job posting for a recruitment analyst, and the person who shared it gives followers a slight insight into what the company is. They then move on to describing the requirements, such as experience, needed for the role. 

And then, it all goes downhill. First off, the post mentions that “educated housewives” can also apply for a job. Is this how you’d ever talk about a man? “Educated househusband” – how does that sound?


And the last line, well. “Brahmin candidates from economically difficult situations are encouraged to apply”. Where to even start with this one?!

It’s almost like they’re going out of their way to make sure that the struggle of the marginalised continues. If helping people from economically difficult situations is a company’s policy, should it not include candidates from all backgrounds – ESPECIALLY the ones from marginalised communities?

Now, this is how people reacted to the news.

Absolutely shameful.