Every time the topic of reservation comes up, people seem to get their diapers in a bunch, often getting so defensive like they just got caught doing something evil. And their argument is that reservation has existed for so many decades and must not continue because...

1. Casteism is a thing of the past. 

Dalits not allowed to drink water
Source: India Today

2. Educational institutions treat everyone equally. 

Dalit suicide
Source: India Today

3. There is no discrimination against Dalits in today's India, at least not in educated circles. 

Dr Payal Tadvi suicide
Source: Indian Express

4. Untouchability is a thing of the past. 

Untouchability India
Source: India Today

5. Upper castes are more aware of their privilege now. 

Dalit lynched
Source: The Wire

6. It's not that difficult for Dalits to find jobs. 

Dalit cook sacked
Source: The Hindu

7. Everyone is treated equally in this country. 

Dalit boy made to clean toilet
Source: The Hindu

8. Why do we need to make everything about caste? Sometimes, it's just the patriarchy. 

Source: BBC

No, really, it's just about the patriarchy. 

Dalit woman raped
Source: Reuters

9. The government protects Dalits more than any other community. 

Dalits lynched
Source: Al Jazeera
Dalit lynched
Source: Indian Express

10. Reservation has already done its job, using it anymore would be reverse casteism. 

Dalit representation
Source: The Print
Dalit representation in higher education
Source: The Print

11. Very few people in India are casteists anymore. 

India Casteism
Source: Times of India
India casteism
Source: Economic Times

The caste system is the problem, not reservation. Casteism is the problem, not reservation. And till the time, caste exists in this country, casteism will continue to thrive and reservation is the least this country can do for its people that have been oppressed and treated inhumanely by the oldest form of apartheid known to mankind for 3,500 years.