With the coronavirus pandemic changing our lives forever, a lot of new things have either replaced the old ones or have been launched as an option for the fearing masses.

For instance: Chayawanprash ice cream, which was recently launched to increase immunity in people.

However, food isn’t the only thing going through changes. The shift is evident in mainstream clothing, too. 

A company called Zodiac has come up with an anti-viral shirt, which they claim ‘kills 99% viruses & bacteria, including COVID-19*’.

The * is there for: As per ISO 18184 strong antiviral and ISO 20743 antibacterial effect against enveloped viruses and bacteria proven effective against SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 causing virus.

So, from what I gather, it kills the viruses and bacteria on the surface? 

That…seems a bit unlikely. But they are claiming the same anyway.

The shirt lasts for 30 washes at 40 degree Celsius and the company advises the customers to keep a track of the washes. 

Here is the full description in case you want to read it. The company also says that the shirt isn’t a ‘medical device’ or a cure.

Zodiac Online

They have also shared letters of approval and other text explaining how these shirts exactly work.

Earlier in June Indian textile-to-retail conglomerate Arvind Ltd had collaborated with Swiss textile innovator HeiQ Materials AG and Taiwanese Jintex Corporation to launch a brand called Intellifabrix – first of its kind in India.

In an interview given to The Hindu, the company had said:

Research shows that viruses and bacteria, can remain active on textile surfaces for up to two days. Garments treated with HeiQ Viroblock actively inhibit viruses and kill them upon contact, helping to minimize the potential for re-transmission of pathogens through clothing.

So, we suppose there is some legitimacy in Zodiac’s claims.

And further research tells us that this is not a new technology either. This apparel technology has been used for a while. It’s only that its relevance has increased because of the ongoing pandemic.

A report by Vogue Business, says that tests do suggest that this technology could be effective but it is not known how much that actually reduces the chances of a person catching the virus, which is mainly transmitted through inhaling droplets in the air.

Meanwhile an article on Fast Company, elaborated that most of the claims made are about coronavirus, and not specifically COVID-19 – one of its categories.

Fast Company

Taking things a step ahead, a company called Vollebak launched a full metal jacket – made of copper as a part of its disease-resistant clothing. In their statement, they noted:

Copper is biostatic, which means that bacteria and other life forms will not grow on it. It also has exceptional antimicrobial properties with bacteria and viruses dying as they make contact with it.

Similarly, Freakins Denim launched a line of STW (Sterilized Till Worn) clothes, which, according to the brand, ‘ensure 100 per cent elimination of any virus or bacteria and retains its fundamental properties until 40 washes’.

It’s bizarre but not surprising to see the impact of the pandemic on clothing. I am just wondering, how will we filter out clothes while online shopping now? Based on anti-virus properties? Maybe.