Doctors and healthcare workers on the frontline have selflessly gone above and beyond their call of duty to be our saviours during the pandemic. 

As India celebrated national doctor’s day yesterday by paying heartfelt tributesDr. Richa Negi took to Instagram to spread some positivity and take a few moments to celebrate the day with a lot of enthusiasm. 

In the video, Dr. Negi can be seen dressed in protective gear from head-to-toe and grooving to the beats of Badshah’s Garmi Song.  

With a heartfelt post that instantly lifted our spirits, Dr. Negi did not only help boost the morale of healthcare professionals across the nation but also gave us a sense of hope and positivity during these times. 

We won’t let the negativity of the situation get to us even while serving the patients in this GARMI-ful but oh so graceful outfit. 

-Dr. Richa Negi

Shimmying to the beats of Haye Grami and majorly vibing and experiencing it, Dr. Negi described herself as a “Teletubby on a mission” who further encouraged people to be optimistic. 

If we can stay positive through risking our lives, y’all can be a little positive too about this extended lockdown! Stay home peeps. 

-Dr. Richa Negi

I think it is safe to say that we have officially found the coolest doctor on the internet! I mean I can’t even imagine walking comfortably in these PPE suits, leave alone dancing! 

Check out Dr. Negi’s uplifting and fun-filled post here: 

Netizens are lauding to the coolest doctor on the internet for the enthusiastic tribute to all her colleagues: 

Thank you for your service and for always boosting our morale, doctors.