And only a few choose humanity over the differences of religion, caste, creed and gender.

Being human is given, but keeping our humanity is a choice.

In the recent riots and violence that shook Delhi, hundreds of people lost their lives, homes and sources of livelihood and several others were left injured. Sure, hatred tried to bring down the very foundation of the city, which is a mixed pot of cultures from across the country. But some gestures of love, unity and brotherhood from the riot-affected areas, made us believe that there’s still hope.

Instances when humans turned heroes and helped save their fellow beings from violence and chaos that prevailed in the city for over 4 days, irrespective of differences.

1. Father-son duo, Mohinder Singh and Inderjit Singh, transported 60-80 of their Muslim neighbours to a safe location.

Sensing a troubled situation in the Hindu-dominated neighbourhood of Gokalpuri in northeast Delhi, the father-son duo used a bike and scooty to move their terrified Muslim neighbours to the nearest Muslim locality, Kardampuri.


They made around 20 trips from Gokalpuri to Kardampuri in one hour and helped several Muslims reach a safe location. In conversation with HuffPost, Mohinder Singh said:

I did not see Hindu or Muslim. I just saw people. I saw little children. I felt like they were my children and that nothing should happen to them. We did this because we all should act humanely and help those in need. What more can I say?.

2. Premkant Baghel, a Hindu man, saved six Muslim neighbours from an angry mob.

When Baghel saw his Muslim neighbour’s house set on fire, he immediately ventured out to save the lives of those trapped inside the burning house.


He suffered severe burn injuries while saving his friend’s mother, but nobody offered him medical help and he had to spend the entire night at his home with 70% burns. The next day he was taken to the hospital where he is still fighting for his life.

3. Ghaziabad SP (rural) Neeraj Jadaun broke border protocol to control a mob in Delhi’s Karawal Nagar.

According to a report by BBC, Jadaun was patrolling a border checkpoint on 25th February, when he heard firing sounds coming from Karawal Nagar in Delhi. Despite the protocol of asking for permission to cross state borders, Jadaun decided to go to the other side and control the angry mob.


Talking to BBC, Jadaun explained the situation. He said:

I was willing to go alone despite being aware of the danger and the fact that it was beyond my jurisdiction. Those were the most terrifying 15 seconds of my life. Thankfully, the team followed me.
The Logical Indian

He, along with his team, held their grounds and kept pushing the rioters back, until they left the scene.

4. Hindu man saved the only Muslim family in the neighbourhood from an angry mob.

Rajkumar Bhardwaj, a Hindu man, along with other Hindus saved the only Muslim family in Madhuban Mohalla of North Ghonda locality in northeast Delhi. They guarded the Muslim family’s house from an angry mob during the day and moved the family to Rajkumar’s house in the night.

Gulf News

The next day, Rajkumar took them to the Gautampuri area to ensure their safety. Talking to media, Rajkumar expressed his feelings on helping the Muslim family. He said:

Their youngest clung to me throughout. After I brought them here at Gautampuri, I felt good. Situation till then was not okay.

5. Pankaj Gupta, a Hindu man, offered shelter to a Muslim family from his neighbourhood.

Mohammad Rizwan, who works at a salon, had been living in Shiv Vihar for 30 years. That day, his shop was vandalised by the mob and this is when his Hindu neighbour Pankaj Gupta offered shelter to his family. Talking to The Hindu about the incident, he said:

I somehow managed to save my life while my family members were rescued by my neighbour Pankaj Gupta. As we share a terrace, he jumped to our side and helped my family get to his terrace… he safely took them to his house.

6. A Muslim man hid two of his Hindu friends in his small hut to protect them from Muslim mob outside.

Two Hindu men belonging to Hapur district in UP had come to Delhi to earn their living. When violence broke out in Delhi, they were living in the Chand Bagh area. One of their Muslim friends gave them refuge in his house.

Deccan Herald

One of the survivors told India Today that his Muslim friend assured him that nothing would happen and let them stay in his home.

We stayed with him in his house. He is more than a brother to me. He kept assuring us that nothing will happen to us

Not all heroes wear capes, some just live next door and are ready to help, come what may.