A few days ago, a video of a fruit vendor being looted by a crowd in Delhi went viral. Mangoes worth ₹30,000 were stolen from an unattended crate belonging to Chhote aka Phool Mia.

It was a sad day for him as he suffered huge losses, but not any more.

After receiving an overwhelming response from netizens, who helped to raise funds and overcome his losses, Chhote says now he will finally be able celebrate Eid with my family. 

He received over 8 lakhs in donations. 

While speaking to NDTV Chhote said:

Those who had to steal, did so. But I am overwhelmed that so many people have helped me. Ab jaake jaan mein jaan aai hai (It’s like I’ve got my life back). I will finally get to celebrate Eid, take care of my children. 

Passersby looted Chhote’s stall in Delhi’s Jagatpuri when he left the cart unattended for a while. Some filled their helmets with mangoes, while others put them in their bags and ran away. 

Based on the CCTV footage, police arrested 4 people in connection with this incident. 

Thanks to all those who made this possible for Chhote. It means a lot.