We’ve seen many instances of social media changing people’s fortunes and giving them what they deserve, just like the woman who went viral for her Lata-like voice

Once again, the Internet has worked wonders and this time it is a delivery boy from Guwahati who’s making netizens go crazy with his melodious voice. 


The boy, Pranjit Haloi, was seen humming to ‘Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara‘ from the movie Chitchor and instantly became a hit on Facebook


Anirban Chakraborty – who shared the vide on Facebook – had ordered food and Pranjit was his assigned delivery boy. According to Chakraborty, Pranjit’s app information revealed that he was a singer. 

Upon arrival, he asked him to sing and was surprised to hear him gracefully sing in his melodious voice.

India Today

Of course, Anirban recorded Pranjit’s soulful singing and posted it on Facebook. His caption read: 

Presenting Pranjit Haloi (Zomato delivery boy who delivered food today at my doorstep)…. I saw in the app that “he wishes to become a singer someday “. I planned and requested him to sing a song. He is so good that I made this video…I request everyone to watch and help to fulfil his dreams. 

Interestingly, Pranjit is not new to singing and humming melodious songs, he’s been doing it for quite a long time. 

Checking out his Facebook profile will get you to songs he’s recorded in the past, including covers for ‘Pyar Deewana Hota Hai’ and ‘Neele Neele Ambar Par’, both amazing numbers by Kishore Da. 


Pranjit is enjoying his new-found limelight and his songs garnered more than 10k likes and 8000+ shares.