We all know how blatant racism against the Black community is quite apparent — even now — in The United States Of America. The community has had to fight years of oppression, stereotypes, and vile racist sentiments through movements, rebellions, and protests to trace a path of progress.

Ever since George Floyd’s horrific murder set off the Black Lives Matter movement in America, the calls for reparations to victims of slavery and their descendants have intensified. But their case is being undermined by some people who’re raising concerns over Asian-American racism. One such individual is Asra Nomani, an American author who migrated from India at the age of 4.

black community usa

In a 5-minute long video shared by Nomani on her Twitter handle, she expressed how Asian-American kids face discrimination during admissions to premium educational institutions. After a 4.5 hour long Supreme Court discussion, she said the Universities miss out on the plight of Asian kids in their little ‘song and dance on diversity.’

She’s fighting against Affirmative Action in her bid for ‘fair’ and ‘just’ admissions to eliminate policies and practices seeking to include the underrepresented community that was marginalized and oppressed for years in American history.

Twitter is calling her out for harbouring Anti-Black sentiments and sidelining the struggles of the Black Community in America.


Calling out racism towards Asian-American is one thing, but discriminating against another community to fight for your ends does not make much sense.

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