We have written about casteism way too much, but the discussion never gets old (even if the system is centuries old). But apparently, casteism is not the only racist sentiment we possess. 

A Desi man on Twitter shared how his Indian uncle called him before sending his son to grad school in New Jersey, USA. This uncle had some reservations about the existence of “black people” in Newark. 

And where do these bigoted sentiments even come from? The movies that have time and again tried to show the Black guys as the bad guys? Or is it our ancient obsession with the Aryan race and unshakeable assumption about its supremacy?

Or perhaps, this is just one of the side-effects of our ancient and rigid caste system that has proclaimed the superiority of one caste over another for no reason. Since we already are casteist, Desis thought, let’s also become racist and colourist pricks! Right? 

It’s like we ran short of things to hate on, so we went to America and adapted their bigoted sentiments because Americanized bigotry sounds cooler. But it’s not like we forgot are casteist roots. Now we are mean to both Desi and the Black community abroad. 

To the sensible ones: here’s hoping that you do speak up!

Here’s how Twitter reacted to obnoxious Desis who’ve decided to hate on everything!


Ahh! This is so pathetic.

Many desis forget that we Indians are also considered coloured. So it’s hypocrisy at its peak when we begin perpetuating racist attitudes, being on the receiving end of racism ourselves.

Oh yes, hopeless indeed! Just last month, a Sikh man was denied accommodation by a Desi Couple in Ireland because he was a non-vegetarian

It’s time we start seeing people as people, and not their caste, colour, race, religion, gender, and whatnot! And can we please do away with this obnoxious ‘White Worshipping Syndrome?‘ Is it some kind of a colonial hangover because it literally makes no sense?